Ad Monetization

Ad Monetization On This Website Help Us Serve You:

Ad monetization compensates website owners for advertising. We can provide our viewers with high-quality material and advertisements in this circumstance. We also employ ad monetization to support our costs and ensure that we can continue to provide the finest and freshest MMA content available. That is why we need your input.
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Our website includes plenty of marketable material. We have advertisements on our site and our blog.
We are working on additional features to ensure you get the most out of your MMAimports experience. The Ad Network We Picked Is the One That Raises Revenue.

Increase Rev Ad Network:

Increase Rev has always served us in making higher revenues by introducing a number of new features on our domain. The company is operational as an ad network for more than a decade. We joined hands with them back in 2017 and it was the best decision for our revenue optimization. Following are the key services that have been provided by the IR team.

Display Ads Monetization:

Before collaborating with the Increase Rev, our domain was monetized by another third-party ad network. The revenue being made by them was satisfactory but we came across the IR team who figured out the shortcomings on our domain. This way, this ad network has attracted us since they provided a number of ways and techniques of how to boost our revenues through their ads implementation. After joining hands with Increase Rev, we had seen 100% increase solely in our display ad earnings.

Video Ads Monetization:

Our website was solitarily monetized through banner ads. We were unaware about the fact that we were missing out on a huge potential of making much higher revenues. IR proposed to run their video ads (via Video Content Management System) and opened a new door of earning through video ads. As a result of VCMS, our earnings spiked up to 10 times greater than what we were earning before. That was a massive growth we have experienced ever!

Hosting Services:

Hosting is not that relaxed and honestly, we needed experts who can handle slow loading speed and recurring downtime issues for better user experience. Hence, this job has also been done by the IR Team! Increase Rev hosting services is one of a kind, they have optimized desktop and mobile site speed significantly. Along with that, their GoWebP WordPress plugin optimized the images on our website. Image optimization is considered a steppingstone for optimum website speed, IR team worked tremendously to enhance the user experience by enhancing the overall site speed.

Designing and Development Services:

Very Often we’ve requested IR team services on designing and development of our multiple projects. We did have try many companies and freelance platforms before but honestly the professionalism & standard of work which Increase Rev provides stands alone. We have always kept IR on top of the list whenever there is need.

Final Verdict:

Increase Rev has helped us extremely through providing their numerous services. Just to conclude, their VCMS have the potential to multiply the current earnings, and it did. Our revenues spiked out terrifically by increasing 800% of our previous earnings.