Gilbert Burns Defeats Gunnar Nelson; Takes Home The Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 160 | UFC Results

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is making a highly anticipated debut on Denmark soil this Saturday! The event will take place on September 28, 2019, in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark! Join us as we’re bringing you the live UFC results from the stacked Royal Arena!

The proud Irishman and one of the best grapplers on the UFC roster, Gunnar Nelson (17-4-1) is more than ready to bounce back from the close decision loss against Leon Edwards earlier this year. This is a very interesting matchup as Nelson is facing an equally good grappler and an upcoming rising talent, Gilbert Burns (16-3-0).

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are in the wide stances as Nelson establishes the forward pressure. Burns is throwing a lot of faints and they finally exchange a couple of punches.  Nelson switches to his natural Karate stance and lands a nice two punch combo. However, Burns is catching him with nice leg kicks. Both fighters are fighting a safe fight. That said, Nelson closes the distance and connects with the right. Burns sticks with the kicks. Neither fighter is willing to advance to the mat. Nice side kick to the body lands for Nelson. He is looking like a sharper fighter on the feet. Burns is still searching for his rhythm. He advances and initiates the clinch against the cage. However, Nelson trips him takes the top position. Burns starts threatening with submissions.

Rd 2 – Burns immediately takes the center and starts opening up with the kicks. Nelson remains patient and moving on the outside. He explodes and lands a double straight left! Nice move by Nelson. Both fighters exchange hard leg kicks! Nelson follows with the left hand and finishes with the clinch against the cage. He drops his levels but Burns defends and separates for the moment. Nelson is committed to a takedown. Burns manages to separate and lands a nasty right hand! Nelson responds with another clinch. He is looking much stronger in the clinch. That said, Burns separates as Nelson dives for another takedown. However, Burns scrambles and gets out. Big flying knee lands for Burns! Nelson shoots for another takedown but ends up in the anaconda choke! Burns backs off and continues to control Nelson on the mat.

Rd 3 – Once again, Burns opens up with a couple of kicks. Nelson is switching his stances on the outside and moves in for a body lock. He forces Burns against the cage and starts working for a takedown. Burns creates some space and lands a hard right hand! Finally, Burns separates but finds himself back against the fence once again. Big elbow on the break lands for Burns! However, Nelson presses him against the cage. His game plan is obvious at this point. Now, Nelson separates and eats a big right hand! Burns is swinging for the knockout blow! However, Nelson scores with the left. Both fighters are missing a lot of shots. Eventually, Nelson pushes for a clinch against the cage. Burns reverses and scores a powerful takedown! Nelson scrambles up but gets stuck against the fence.