Carla Esparza Wins The Close War Against Alexa Grasso; Takes Home The Majority Decision in the UFC Fight Night 159 Co-Main event! | UFC Results

The UFC Fighting circus is back with another event packed with upcoming rising talents! The UFC Fight Night 159 will take place on September 21, 2019, in the beautiful Mexico City, Mexico. We’re more than ready to instantly deliver you the live UFC Results from the sold-out Mexico City Arena as the main event action marks one of the most exciting matchups between the rising Yair Rodriguez and a heavy-handed veteran, Jeremy Stephens.

The co-main event is set for the clash between the former Strawweight Champion and a decorated wrestler, Carla Esparza (14-6-0) and an upcoming talented boxer, Alexa Grasso (11-2-0). Both fighters are coming from the dominant performance victories and with the strong statement, this Saturday could enter in the Strawweight title mixture. Considering the differences in their styles, it will be interesting to see which fighter will have more success in implementing the winning strategy.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Both fighters are feeling each other. Grasso connects with a couple of stiff jabs as Esparza counters with a hard leg kick. Both fighters connect with heavy shots! Esparza is using faints early as Grasso waits for a counter. Esparza dives for a single leg and secures the top position.  Grasso is controlling the posture. Esparza backs off and they are back on their feet. Nice step in right hand lands for Esparza as Grasso touches her with the counter. Esparza shoots for another takedown but Grasso defends with the clinch against the fence. However, Esparza trips Grasso to the mat but fails to secure the position. She eats a hard one-two and a big right from Grasso as the round ends!

Rd 2 – Esparza immediately closes the distance but eats a two punch combo from Grasso. Now Grasso advances but Esparza level changes and gets the takedown. Nice move by Esparza. She is fighting a smart fight.  Grasso is using a lot of energy trying to stand. Esparza is controlling Grasso perfectly, constantly creating space for the short punches. Already, Grasso starts breathing heavily. This is a big round for Esparza. However, Grasso finally scrambles her way up and starts walking Esparza down. Big left hook lands for Grasso! Esparza returns with the quick one-two and level changes for a takedown. She gets it and secures the guard position.

Rd 3 – Grasso takes the center and immediately catches Esparza with a right counter. Neither fighter is willing to pull the trigger. That Said, Grasso connects with a hard right! Esparza is hurt! However, she stays patient, not pushing for a finish! Esparza shoots for a takedown, defended by Grasso. Now Grasso lands a right hand as Esparza shoots for a takedown. Grasso shoots for the armbar but only ends up on the bottom. Grasso readjusts and gets the arm once again! It’s tight!!! Esparza refuses to tap and defends! Incredible! She gets back the top position. Grasso has a hard time getting back to her feet. She finally succeeds and starts unloading on Esparza! Big shots are landing!