A Wild War Between Brandon Moreno And Askar Askarov Ends Up In A Split Draw At UFC Fight Night 159 | UFC Results

The UFC Fighting circus is back with another event packed with upcoming rising talents! The UFC Fight Night 159 will take place on September 21, 2019, in the beautiful Mexico City, Mexico. We’re more than ready to instantly deliver you the live UFC Results from the sold-out Mexico City Arena as the main event action marks one of the most exciting matchups between the rising Yair Rodriguez and a heavy-handed veteran, Jeremy Stephens.

The former LFA Flyweight champion and a phenomenal grappler, Brendon Moreno (15-5-0) is more than happy to welcome the promotional newcomer Askar Askarov. A more experienced Moreno left the company in May 2018 but after claiming the LFA gold, he got the opportunity to prove himself once again inside the UFC Octagon. On the other hand, “Bullet” Askarov has amassed a perfect 10-0 record so far, displaying a relentless wrestling and slick submission game.

Check out the live play-by-play action below:

Rd 1 – Moreno takes the center and starts pushing Askarov away with the straight punches. Askarov stays patient, eventually grabs the single leg and starts working for a takedown.  He picks Moreno up and slams him on the mat. He takes the back of Moreno and starts threatening with the submissions. Moreno scrambles and reverses the position! Askarov immediately shoots for the armbar! Moreno defends and takes the top position. Both fighters are active. Askarov is landing nasty elbows but Moreno postures and lands a couple of hard shots! Askarov returns to his feet but eats a big left! Askarov is hurt! However, Moreno stays composed. Moreno starts using angles and attacking high and low.

Rd 2 – Askarov starts pressing forward but Moreno does a good job countering with the punches. He connects with a big left hand but Askarov manages to take the single and advance the fight to the mat. Great move by Askarov. Moreno is scrambling and eventually finds his way up. Moreno connects with a big uppercut but Askarov again takes the body lock and pushes against the fence. He Judo throws Moreno down and takes the side control. Moreno starts breathing heavily as Askarov stands and starts landing hard shots. However, Moreno capitalizes and stands up. However, the Russian shows the wrestling offense once again and scores a takedown. Moreno scrambles again and stands. Both fighters are using a lot of energy. Askarov connects with a clean left hand but eats a right in return. Moreno explodes with a head kick and Askarov goes down! Moreno pushes for a finish but Askarov grabs his legs and holds him until the round is finished.

Rd 3 – Both fighters are flat-footed as Moreno connects with the right and dives for a takedown. He gets it and takes the guard position. Askarov shoots for omolata but Moreno defends. Moreno is putting strong pressure, he is constantly landing from the top. However, the Russian stays active from the bottom, constantly threatening with submissions. Moreno is looking good in front of the home crowd, controlling the fight. Askarov scrambles but ends up in the rear-naked choke! Askarov is fighting wrists! He defends the submission but Moreno has his back. Both fighters are looking tired. Askarov finally reverses the position in the last 10 seconds of the fight.