Big John Reveals Controversial Referee Steve Mazzagatti Isn’t Working Anymore

MMA referee “Big” John McCarthy recently suggested that fellow referee Steve Mazzagati is no longer officiating.

On Tuesday, McCarthy said most high profiled referees were skilled when it comes to martial arts.

“Even Mazzagatti?” a fan responded.

“You don’t see Mazzagatti working anymore,” McCarthy said.

Mazzagatti is infamous for making many mistakes in high profiled fights. Some of Mizzagatti’s worst moments include allowing Brock Lesnar to submit for an unnecessary amount of time before stopping his UFC debut against Frank Mir.

Mazzagatti is also responsible for Jon Jones’ one loss in his MMA career. Jones was disqualified in his fight against Matt Hamill after throwing an illegal elbow. Jones threw the illegal shot after Mazzagatti refused to stop the fight despite Hamill being defenseless.

Other infamous moments include allowing Jon Fitch to go completely unconscious and allowing Josh Burkman to stand over him with his arm in the air, before stopping the fight. He also allowed Jake Shields to be eye gouged by Rousimar Palhares in their fight in World Series of Fighting.