Breaking: UFC In Support Of Adding More Weight Classes To Clean Up Weigh-Ins Practices

The UFC is interested in adding rules to their weigh-in procedures, which could result in the UFC adding more weight classes.

Andy Foster, the executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, created a 10-point plan that would result in additional weight classes, fight-day weight checks, and stricter fines for fighters who miss weight.

Jeff Novitzky, UFC vice president of athlete health and performance, responded to Foster’s 10-point plan telling the commissioner he has the UFC’s support.

“UFC is encouraged that further steps to assure safe weight management practices, as outlined in CSAC’s “10-Point Plan”, will result in additional health and safety benefits and positive feedback from promoters and combat athletes and their camps,” Novitzky said.

Bellator MMA and Invicta FC also sent the commissioner letters saying they supported his plan.

The CSAC will vote on the new rules on Thursday. If the new rules are approved, they will go into effect starting on July 29 at UFC 214 in Anaheim, California.