Dustin Poirier’s Face 5 Days Removed From Alvarez Slaughtering — Look!

Dustin Poirier’s face is still showing some scars from his brawl last Saturday night against former UFC Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez.

At UFC 211, Poirier took quite a bit of damage after Alvarez landed multiple illegal knees to Poirier’s face while Poirier was on the ground.

On Thursday, Poirier shared a photo with his daughter that shows how much his eye has recovered. Almost a week after the fight, Poirier’s eye is still slightly swollen and has some bruising.

The fight on Saturday was stopped after Alvarez landed the illegal shots. Since the referee believed Alvarez didn’t know he was doing something illegal, the fight was ruled a no contest.

Since the fight, both Poirier and Alvarez have agreed to fight once again. However, Poirier suffered a concussion during the fight and will not be able to compete until the end of the year.