MMA Fighter Shot By Husband After Making Instagram Comment About His Wife

MMA fighters are some of the most fine tuned killing machines on the planet. The only thing likely to hinder their ability to defend themselves is either a better MMA fighter or a gun.

Unfortunately, in Russia, the latter took place.

Russian media outlet has it:

The shootout in Ingushetia between two teips happened because of the photo in the social network “not according to the concepts”

A well-known fighter in mixed martial arts, Adam Yandiyev, admired his wife in social networks in a way that was not liked by the adherents of ancient traditions.

The wife of the famous athlete Adam Yandiev Aisha – is clever, beautiful, and his muse. So was noted in social networks by this mixed martial arts fighter. For example, on his page in “Instagram” he repeatedly made posts with her photos and even took a romantic clip. But many in Ingushetia considered this behavior not male.

“A man should be restrained, never praise his wife with outsiders, and do not show off his relationship with his wife,” the traditions of the Ingush people say. One of the representatives of a well-known Ingush family repeatedly condemned Adam for improper emotions both in his “instagram” and in conversation with common acquaintances. And while the opposing sides exchanged taunts in the web, in the native land of the sportsman the conflict ended in a skirmish and shooting.

According to preliminary data, Adam, nicknamed Beard, together with his wife, had dinner in a restaurant, and at that moment the champions of traditions broke into the institution and attacked the athlete. After that, 29-year-old Ilez Yandiyev, junior boxing champion of the world in 2006, stood out for the honor of his cousin.

He summoned the attackers on his brother for a one-on-one conversation, but as soon as the man came to the meeting place, at the restaurant “Old Yard,” people immediately jumped in and opened fire on him with firearms.

With severe injuries, the athlete was taken to a hospital in Nazran. His kidney is punctured and the bullet is stuck in the spine.