Watch the First Ever KO’ing By Canvas Slam in the UFC

One of the most unique knockouts in UFC history took place on Sunday at the UFC’s latest Fight Night event.

In Glasgow, Scotland, Galore Bofando had a UFC debut that will not be soon forgotten.

In a welterweight battle, Bofando defeated Charlie Ward, who is a teammate of UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor, in the first round of their fight.

Bofando defeated Ward with a knockout that wasn’t caused by a strike. Bofando threw Ward to the ground, and Ward went out when his head hit the canvas. Once Ward hit the mat, Bofando landed a few more strikes to the head before the referee was able to step in and stop the fight.

In the video below, you can watch Bofando’s entire UFC debut.

Bofando’s KO win isn’t the only thing unique about his MMA career. He also has an MMA record of 5-2, but both of his losses came by disqualification.