Conor Critiques His Own Performance, Reveals His Biggest Weakness

Conor McGregor suffered a TKO loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr. last night. As of now, it would appear that Conor McGregor has not taken over boxing. However, the UFC champion has offered his thoughts on where he believes the fight went wrong.

In the post-fight press conference, as transcribed by MMA Fighting, Conor McGregor explained that fatigue plaid a large role in his fight with Mayweather. The fighter went on to compare it to his fight with Nate Diaz.

“If you look at the Diaz 2 fight, I came through that, came back in round four and round five. I would have liked to see the end of round 10 and see where it brought us.” McGregor stated.

The fighter then continued, “I think fatigue, it’s like a patch, there’s a patch somewhere in the middle. I’m thinking about the Diaz 2 fight, I have this patch where I must overcome, I get a little wobbly. But it’s more fatigue.”