Joe Rogan And Eddie Bravo Get In A Really Heated Fight While Live On The Air

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan earned a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu’s own Eddie Bravo. That being said, it would appear that the two men went through some verbal sparring on an episode of Rogan’s highly acclaimed podcast.

Every single aspect of the presentation for Ultimate Fighting Championship’s broadcasts is crucial, from the lighting rigs to the people sitting cageside calling the action. One of the best to ever don a headset and microphone outside the octagon is commentator Joe Rogan, who is not only the voice of the UFC but the voice of a lot of conspiracy theories that tend to get brushed under the rug.

Rogan has been extremely vocal about his controversial beliefs and even though it may have landed him in some rough waters, he shares his views on his own platform of “The Joe Rogan Experience”. The show has become a bit of a mainstay in the mixed martial arts community, and everybody from Dominick Cruz to Eddie Bravo are featured as guests on the podcast.

Bravo recently sat in on a recent edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” to address a number of topics, but somehow the topic always goes back to conspiracy theories. While Rogan believes in a healthy handful of them, Bravo is a black belt in theories and tends to get a bit taken away.

Rogan recently tried to calm Bravo down for thinking way out of left field on such a prominent podcast where impressionable minds were listening, but Bravo decided to have some fun with it and went off on a wild tangent. Check it out below:

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