World’s Best Fight Poster Artist, BossLogic Honors Keaton Jones With His Very Own Epic Poster

Universally known as one of the very best fight related graphic designers in the world, BossLogic has captivated fight fans with perfectly executed and imaginative works of art for fight week. Now, in a new masterpiece, the world’s best fight poster artist has honored viral bully victim Keaton Jones with his very own poster.

Keaton Jones has likely had a whirlwind 48 hours, as his emotional anti-bullying message has now garnered 10’s of millions of views worldwide. His post was so moving and touching that just about everyone who saw it wanted to give the young viral sensation a hug and a chance to be happy despite his differences.

The world has reached out to Keaton in almost every capacity. Fighters, ring girls, even UFC president Dana White are all dying to meet this young man. And not only that, the world of Hollywood, football stars, and other public figures from around the world have all spoken up for Keaton, who has gotten support from the masses in just a matter of days.

Now, BossLogic has outdone himself with a poster for young Keaton that the boy is sure to love.

Check it out:

“Gotten a lot of messages about Keaton, I wanted to do something nice for him, he is a superhero fan and now has the potential to give ‘Hope’ to all that have been and are being bullied, If you see it happening, try to stop it @Lakyn_Jones #StandWithKeaton”

Can you imagine what Keaton’s first day back at school is going to be like? Let’s hope its his best one yet.

We at MMAimports would like to thank and acknowledge everyone who has played apart in making this young man have a better day. You guys rock, sooo hard!

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