Bellator Official Denies Rory MacDonald Access To The Heavyweight Tournament

Ahead of his upcoming title fight under the Bellator MMA banner, top MMA fighter Rory MacDonald had requested to be included in the Bellator heavyweight tournament, as an alternate.

At the time of his request, Bellator president Scott Coker was open to the idea, but Wednesday during a pre-fight conference call the executive put an end to the talks and declined MacDonald’s request.

On the call, Coker stated, “I think Rory has a big fight coming up that he’s focused on at 170 pounds .“So let’s see how that works out.

“As far as him fighting at heavyweight, the thing I love about him is he’s a real martial artist, and the weight class issue doesn’t bother him. But I think that we’ll probably stick to heavyweights.”

And while the idea of a welterweight fighting heavyweights doesn’t really make much sense, it sure would have been a fun spectacle to watch.

Props to Rory for giving it a shot!