Faber Changes Things Up In 2018, Debuts His New Full Blown Mohawk Hairystyle

When speaking the word legend, not many fighters embody the term as much as Sacramento’s own Urijah Faber.

The man has done it all in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, and now the former champion is ushering in the next wave of talent at Team Alpha Male headquarters.

From a full blown fight camp, to a world renowned business savvy, UFC hall-of-famer Urijah Faber is a man many look up to.

And though his fighting days are behind him, now enjoying life in retirement, the “California Kid” is still reinventing himself.

We’ve seen Faber rock the mop, we’ve seen him rock the braids, we’ve seen him rock the white-boy half-fro, but we’ve never seen Urijah rock a full-blown mohawk… Until now.

UFC Hall of Fame member Urijah Faber.

Check out the legend’s new look:

New year new you? #Rampage 2018 @joemanganiello @rampagethemovie @peytonology

New year new you? #Rampage 2018 @joemanganiello @rampagethemovie @peytonology

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