Old Tweet Resurfaces Of Jon Jones Openly Discussing Steroids Before He Ever Got Popped

In 2013, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones posted an ironic tweet regarding steroid use, and in hindsight it might be pretty damning .

Four years ago, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) was a major issue in the UFC. Many older fighters were using TRT in order to compete with some of the younger fighters in the UFC.

During his first title reign, Jones fought fighters on TRT such as Vitor Belfort and Chael Sonnen.

“Take steroids in your prime testosterone levels drop then you take TRT to get in your prime again.. Maybe I should just join the team $$$,” Jones said on Twitter back in 2013.

And screen cap incase of deletion:

It’s an interesting look at the mindset of Jon Jones, before he started getting popped for banned substances.