Stephens Brings Up McGregor’s “Hot Mom” Again, Blasts Conor’s Dad In New Mega-Diss

When Conor McGregor laid down the “Who the fook is that guy” line and hurled it at top UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens way (See video above), he had no idea the ridicule he would have to endure.

It took Stephens months to get back at the Irish super-star for the now viral remark, but when he did, it was a roasting for the ages.

If you recall, Stephens spotted Conor’s mom in the floor level of a Las Vegas casino, and he took the opportunity to snap a photo with Mrs. McGregor, then use that photo to go viral on his own right.

Check it out:

It’s been months since that day, and ahead of this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 124 headliner, Stephens, when talking to TMZ, hashed up old wounds and took thins a bit further this time.

Check it out:

”His mom’s pretty hot too, she’s great. Maybe his dad can pick us up with the cab he used to drive and then take me and his mom out on a date. Hey bro, look at her. She’s not bad looking, right? She’s a lady right there … she’s always got the invite to be snugged up here under this right arm.”