Video: Emotional Belfort Cries Over Uriah Hall Situation, Reminds Him of Tragic Sister Kidnapping

In an emotional new video, Vitor Belfort has offered a tear filled reaction to the cancellation of his retirement fight.

UFC and MMA legend, Vitor Belfort

MMA legend Vitor Belfort was set to make his final octagon performance at UFC Fight Night 124. The UFC veteran was locked in to fight Uriah Hall for his retirement match up. However, the fight is no longer set to be.

UFC legend Vitor Belfort has turned down a proposed fight against an unranked UFC middleweight fighter.

Uriah Hall was pulled from the event after failing to appear at the official weigh-ins. As a result, the fight was cancelled.

Speaking to UFC on FOX, Belfort offered his reaction to the news. The fighter compared the experience to the tragic kidnapping of his sister from 2004.

Here is what Belfort had to say on the recent fight cancellation:

“I couldn’t believe it. I had some bad news in my life, like when my sister got kidnapped and went missing. [It was] the same feeling, but different.

“It’s nine weeks of hard work. Cutting weight was hard. And then you come down and you think ‘My finish. My last. My retirement, it’s done. And then no fight. Imagine, it’s devastating.”

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