Video: UFC Veteran Pat Healy Loses in Russia Thanks To Bad Ref Stoppage [Replay]

Pat Healy, a UFC veteran, faced a tough loss in Russia due to a controversial referee stoppage.

UFC boss Dana White

Pat Healy is a veteran in the sport of mixed martial arts. The fighter has competed under many banners, from ACB to to Titan FC to Strikeforce. Healy is also a veteran competitor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

UFC boss Dana White looking very unhappy.

However, Healy suffered an unsatisfying loss in his latest mixed martial arts performance. For the fight, Healy faced off against Magomed Raisov under the banner of Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB).

UFC President Dana White.

At ACB 78, on Sunday Jan. 13, the two mixed martial arts warriors went toe-to-toe for division dominance. Raisov earned a swift first round TKO victory over his opponent. However, the stoppage is gaining some controversy among fight fans.

The referee can be seen, in the video provided, calling a stop to the fight near moments after Healy hit the canvas. That being said, Healy appeared to still be defending himself.

A video of the stoppage can be see above.

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