New Proof Surfaces That Before He Was “Bones” His Fight Name Was “Sexual Chocolate”

It would appear that former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones used to go by another moniker. In a video that is now making its way around the internet, Jones can be seen in one of the earlier fights of his career.

While the fighter put on the kind of dominant performance that fans have now come to expect from “Bones” Jones, a rather unexpected pseudonym made its way into the arena after the MMA phenom earned his victory.

In the video above, Jon Jones can be seen facing off against Moyses Gabin. The two mixed martial arts competitors squared off back in 2008 at Battle Cage Xtreme 5.

Gabin managed to survive a round with the greatest fighter of all time candidate, before suffering a TKO loss in the second round.

When Jon Jones was having his hand raised in victory, the fighter was named by his common nickname “Bones” before being called out as “Sexual Chocolate” for good measure.

Check out the interesting moment in the video above.

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