Just In: Fighter Leaks His Bellator Contract And It’s Only For $250.00, And Includes A Death Waiver

Wow! This is shocking.

Say what you want about the UFC, but they do not pay their newcomers $250.00 to fight for them.

And while the Viacom owned Bellator MMA promotion has deeper pockets than even the UFC does, they seem to pay entry level athletes next to nothing, at least that’s what this fighter is claiming.

Well, he’s not only claiming that, he’s also uploaded a copy of his contract as proof.

Fighters like Rory MacDonald and Roy Nelson were plucked in the free agent market and are being paid considerably more than they were in the UFC, but they are apparently the exception instead of the rule.

Featherweight fighter Marcus Sims has only fought as an amateur, and he’s just 1-1 in his two fights.

Fighting for Bellator is a dream for many mixed martial artists. However, Sims has turned down an offer to make his Bellator debut, and he’s speaking out about it.

Taking to twitter, the fighter revealed that Bellator, in writing, only offered him $250.00 to fight for them.

Check it out:

You guys will not see me on Bellator March 2nd due to them not paying fighters what they need to be paid. $250 for show & another $250 to win?? Id rather get a job at dollar tree.

In another post he revealed the contract even has a death waiver.