Report: Five Boxers Made More Money Than The Entire UFC Roster In 2017

According to the group behind the Ali Act To MMA, five boxers made more than the entire UFC roster in 2017, and they aren’t even including Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor into the equation.

If they did, it would be more like two boxers made more than the entire UFC roster… No Joke.

The UFC has long been under fire for their sometimes lackluster salaries to their athletes. Unless you’re at the top of the UFC ladder, fighters are one of the lowest paid athletes in the world today.

Boxers however, thanks to the Ali Act, are some of the most paid in the world.

Which is why we found this statistic interesting.

The UFC houses more than 400 active fighters on their roster, and these five guys made more than them.

Check it out:

Do you realize Joshua, Klitschko, Chavez Jr, Canelo & GGG together made more than all fighters in the UFC last year?


Do you realize that @TheNotoriousMMA made more than nearly all UFC fighters last year? Not in MMA—in boxing.

Why is that?