It’s Happened! Fighter Fakes Getting Knocked Out To Get Out Of Fighting

Kickboxing promotion SUPERKOMBAT offered a match up between Cătălin Moroşanu and Maurice Jackson in Turin, Italy, leading to one of the sport’s most intriguing finishes.

The importance of a fighter’s mental strength is not to be undermined. Fighters are required to be in peak physical condition in order to compete at the highest level. However, mental toughness is another impressive feat all on its own.

In the video above, Cătălin Moroşanu and Maurice Jackson can be seen battling it out inside the squared circle. While the fight ultimately ended in a finish, the bout has since come under some controversy.

Jackson seemingly appeared reticent going into the fight, but nothing worse than perhaps pre-fight jitters. However when the fighter was struck with the first punch, Jackson immediately collapsed to the canvas.

The punch did not seem powerful enough to have finished Jackson, yet the fighter laid dazed on the mat all the same. Jackson eventually got up to continue fighting, but collapsed to the canvas once again after suffering another questionable strike from his opponent.

This time, it was the end of the match. Check it out within the video above.

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