Foot In Mouth — All The Times Dana White Cussed Out ESPN, Prior To His New Broadcast Deal With Them

Despite just announcing a deal with ESPN that will see UFC events on their platform in 2019, UFC President Dana White has not always been kind to the sporting network.

Originally with the Viacom owned SPIKE TV property, the UFC would later move on to their current FOX broadcast deal.

These two broadcasting deals have put the UFC at odds with ESPN, as a competitor to their networks.

Over the years, Dana White has spoken out against ESPN, and we thought it a good time to rehash those thoughts.

Check it out:

When the UFC signed with FOX:

“ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX. They canceled my (interview) next week for UFC Rio. Fuck ESPN. Jim Rome is the only good thing about ESPN.”

When ESPN targeted UFC Fighter Pay:

“You’ll see this thing in its entirety and you’ll see ESPN ‘Outside the Lines,’ E:60, these shows like this, how they do business and what they’re like. They’re dirty, they lie and they never give you all the facts.”

When ESPN did a report on TRT use in the UFC:

“ESPN, as usual, they like to embellish shit. Here’s the other thing ESPN said in their story: ‘When Dana White has talked about this in the past, he’s flip-flopped.’ I have never fucking flip-flopped, ever did I flip flop. The whole ESPN, that thing was such a sham.”