UFC Fighter Calls D.C.’s “Shogun” Rua Callout A “scumbag move”

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier earned the heavyweight belt back at UFC 226. After the fight, D.C. called out former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

That being said, Cormier also revealed that he is willing to defend his light heavyweight title again if the right opportunity approaches. For instance, Cormier revealed that he may be interest in “Shogun” Rua if the former champion performs well against Anthony Smith this Sunday.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, Anthony Smith revealed his thoughts on the matter.

“He completely dismissed the fact that ‘Shogun’ still has to fight me. So what does that say about how D.C. feels about this sport as a whole? There are no gimme fights here and he better than anybody should know that.

“That’s bulls**t. I think D.C., whether or not he will admit it, deep down he hears me talk and he knows I’m right. He knows that’s a scumbag move.”

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