Daniel Cormier Takes Champ Champ Money, Gets His Grill Fixed

Daniel Cormier is now the second fighter in UFC history to ever simultaneously hold multiple division titles. Now the UFC’s light heavyweight and heavyweight title holder has decided to get reveal his latest use of his massive belt winning payday.

As the UFC light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier moved up in weight to challenge heavyweight title holder Stipe Miocic for his belt in the main event of UFC 226 earlier this year. Well, Cormier went on to earn a first round knockout victory over the record breaking heavyweight champion for his belt.

Now taking to Instagram, Daniel Cormier has decided to reveal that he has gotten his long missing front tooth replaced. Check it out below.

“Thanks to Dr. Maddahi @the_smile_expert for helping to fix the smile. Thank you so much Doc! I truly appreciate it. DC”

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