Francis Ngannou Targets Alistair Overeem For Next Bout

Having achieved a stunning TKO against Andre Arvlovski in the first round of last nights UFC on Fox 23, heavyweight up-and-comer Francis Ngannou has called out his next opponent, or perhaps a few.

In an interview with UFC, Ngannou said

“I know that he is [a big name]. After my last fight, they asked me who I wanted to fight, and I said Arlovski, Travis Browne, or someone else. Because I know that he has some big history. He is a legend, and I had no doubt that if I win he will make me grow up and he will make me shine.”

When considering his next fight, the heavyweight explained

“For my next fight, I’d like to have someone in the top 10 like [Alistair] Overeem or [Junior] dos Santos. They will make me grow up again.”

It would seem that Ngannou is not interested in wasting any time climbing the rankings, as Alistar Overeem is currently ranked third in the division. Junior Dos Santos is currently just under him as fourth.