Joseph Duffy Willing to Test Free Agency Over Renewing UFC Contract

In an in-depth interview with MMA Junkie, UFC lightweight Joseph Duffy has shown interest in acting as a free agent in his career following the termination of his current UFC contract.

With only one fight left on his UFC contract, Duffy is set to face Reza Madadi at UFC Fight Night 107 in March.

When speaking to his manager, Graham, about renewing the contract after the bout, Duffy noted

“I was speaking to Graham back and forth. Obviously, beforehand, we came up with what we were after and Graham was in talks with them. To be honest, there wasn’t too much talking or negotiating in it. They said what they were offering, we said no, but that was really it, to tell you the truth.”

He continued.

“The only way you can look at it is that it’s just business. You can’t let your emotions get involved with any of that stuff. They’ve got their plans, I’ve got mine and, hopefully, we can meet in the middle and get something sorted.”

When speaking with MMA Junkie about the prospect of the UFC, Duffy explained

“Anyone who is in this sport are aspiring to be in UFC. For a time, it was the only organization that held any prestige. Fighters didn’t care about how much money they were making because that’s where you had to be to go to the top of your sport. Because there wasn’t too much money at the start, for us, it was enough just to be the best in your field.”

But, everything does not seem to have remained the same in Duffy’s perspective.

“When you look around and see other fighters starting to make a stand, it makes a big difference. I’ve seen the way other fighters have been treated, and there’s been a bit of a change.”

He continued.

“But they seem to be looking for people who are talkers instead of guys who can put on good performances. With the social media and all the stuff, it just seems to be becoming more important than the fighting itself. That’s not who I am. I’m not going to sell out who I am just to make a quick buck. Down the line, I want to be able to show my kids and grandchildren the fights, and that I stuck to my guns and was who I was and did it my own way.”

Joseph Duffy has a perfect record as a professional boxer of 7-0. Acting as a free agent, momentarily, may not be a horrid concept for the talented striker.

At any rate, you can catch the end of Duffy’s contract at UFC Fight Night 107 on March 18, 2017 in London, England.