Ronda’s Man Sends A Clear Message To The “Internet Tough Guys”

Ultimate Fighting Championship will be making their way to Halifax in February with heavyweights Travis Browne and Derrick Lewis in the new headlining spot. Both fighters were originally scheduled to square off at “UFC 208” in Brooklyn, New York but the removal of Junior dos Santos from “UFC Fight Night 105” caused the shift.

In between spending time with his girlfriend Ronda Rousey and training, Travis Browne tends to spend some time reading exactly what internet tough guys post in the comments. While he does get a lot of support from his fans, he notices the trolls too and has a message for them:

“Is social media these days really used for “tough guys” or “tough gals” to ACT tough? Or is it used to follow people you like, are inspired by and want to support? #howbowdah”