Another Bad Ref Nearly Kills MMA Fighter With Terribly Late Fight Stoppage [Replay!]

Referee stoppages have come under fire in the last week due to Herb Dean not stopping the Jorge Masvidal and Donald Cerrone fight last Saturday at UFC on Fox 23.

Masvidal had Cerrone dead to rights and it appeared the fight was over but Dean thought the bell to end the first round had sounded even though it didn’t. And what usually happens in that circumstance, the second round started and Masvidal quickly pounded out Cerrone.

Move forward to Thursday night as California-based promotion Tachi Palace held a card at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, CA.

It was a fight between Sergio Quinones and Castle Williams with Jason McCoy as the referee. Quinones had Williams in a barbo choke and pretty evident that Williams was unconscious while McCoy is looking a dear in the headlights not realizing what was going on.

There is no news at this time of writing on how Williams is doing. Let’s hope McCoy never officiates a fight ever again.