BJJ Fighter Defends Woman From Knife Attack In The Street

A Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter in Manchester, England defended a woman and a young girl from a man threatening them with a knife.

Kevin Taylor, a former army medic and blue belt in Brazillian jiu-jitsu, saved the two girls in a parking lot after he heard them screaming and saw them being harassed by the man.

“A woman was saying get away from me. I saw a man following two women. I came round the car and he had a knife. He had gone at them with a knife, I jumped over the bonnet and hit him. Then I got him on the floor, I snapped the knife. I didn’t know how I did it.”

Taylor held the attacker onto the ground, in between two cars, until police arrived at the scene.

Manchester police have praised Taylor due to his heroic efforts. A spokesperson for the Manchester police said:

“We arrested a man for possession of an offensive weapon. Fortunately, the woman wasn’t hurt, thanks to the quick thinking of the man who stepped in and managed to get the knife off the man.”