Ranked Light-Heavyweight Refuses UFC’s Contract, Leaves Promotion

UFC boss Dana White.

One of the top light heavyweights in the UFC was announced as leaving the promotion yesterday and simply says he wasn’t wanting to sign a new contract with the promotion. Nikita Krylov had gone 5-1 in his last 6 fights but has decided to leave the UFC. He spoke to MK.ru about his contract situation with the UFC and what he’s got planned next. (translated via Bloodyelbow)

“I’m not particularly upset. God willing, there is still opportunities after a couple of years. There wasn’t a stumbling block, in fact. The only thing is that the old contract ended, and they wanted me to sign a new one. I did not want to, and because of this the UFC did not give me a fourth fight, relying on the contract and agreed to let me go.”

 Krylov said he’s got a few organizations interested in him and is ready to start a new career somewhere else.

“In Russia, there are at least a couple of organizations, if not more, who are interested in me. We will negotiate. I think we’ll find common ground. I definitely will not lose, but on the contrary – profit. Today, started a new career as a revolution: here I am free, and now I can think of that as it is necessary. And then we’ll see.”