Rogan Guest Calls Him A Bully, Then All Hell Breaks Loose As The Two Erupt In Argument

UFC commentator Joe Rogan got into a heated debate on the latest edition of his podcast.

On Wednesday, Rogan had Sten Crowder on his show. Crowder is a conservative and political commentator with his own news website and podcast.

Throughout their conversation, Rogan and Crowder get into debates involving politics and other world events. However, their debates got quite heated when the topic of marijuana was brought up.

Crowder began to get upset when he, and his co-host, began pulling up information suggesting Crowder may be wrong. Crowder then became defensive saying the two were ganging up on him, and it was unfair that Rogan had someone to help him pull up information to help him with his arguments.

Crowder later called Rogan a bully, which offended the UFC commentator. Crowder claimed Rogan was a bully after he would call him names such a honey, sweetie, and types of expletives.