Throwback! Chris Weidman’s High School Wrestling Photo Revealed — Look!

Chris Weidman achieved his dream of fighting in front of his hometown crowd at “UFC 205” when they made their debut in New York City. While the result was not what he wanted, the former middleweight champion is still in the mix and just a couple fights away from possibly taking on the UFC Middleweight Champion once again. Regardless of who he faces, Weidman will likely have to utilize his wrestling to get where he wants.

Weidman’s wrestling background is as legitimate as it gets in the top ten of the middleweight division and the New York fighter never forgot his roots. Check out this old school photo of Weidman:

“#tbt back to my junior year in high school. And yes I’m sure my arms were completely relaxed. Love that I got my man Rob on one side and coach robinson on the other. Coach Robinson was a big reason I stuck with wrestling in the beginning. Drove me everywhere and was a great positive role model for me! Would have no idea where in life I would be without the sport of wrestling and the people that kept me on track in that community over the years. #wrestling #ufc”