Travis Browne Opens Up For The First Time About His Relationship With Ronda Rousey

UFC heavyweight Travis Browne recently opened up about his relationship with former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey. Browne also talked about what if feels like to be a celebrity couple.

“We don’t let other people dictate our lives,” Browne said. “We are going to do what we want to do. We are going to live our life. Whether it’s somebody trying to get a sneaky picture, or this or that. It’s one reason I get a bad rep sometimes is because I’m straight forward with people.

“We were out to dinner one time, some guy was like reaching over his dinner or over his wife around the corner trying to snap a picture. So I walked over to his table and sat down, at his table, and was like, ‘You know how it’s kind of rude that I’m sitting here at your table while you and your wife are enjoying dinner, that’s the same thing as you trying to take a picture of us, buddy. It’s kind of rude. Just leave it alone. Just enjoy your dinner. You’re here with your wife. Enjoy your own company. Don’t make us an event. We are human beings. We appreciate our time as well.'”

Browne is scheduled to headline an upcoming UFC Fight Night event in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada on Feb. 19. He will fight heavyweight prospect Derrick Lewis, who is on a five-fight win streak in the UFC.