Tyron Woodley Says He’s The Worst Treated Champion In UFC History

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has been coming forward and vocalizing his opinions of the UFC and the MMA sport as of late. Addressing the alleged elephant in the room of racial issues within the sport, defending his opinions from the UFC president himself and willingly going against the grain with his viewpoint of the sport; Woodley is, in fact, vocal. It appears the welterweight champion is not quite done yet.

In an interview with Sports Center’s Face to Face with Hannah Storm, Woodley admitted that things are still not all going great with UFC. He doubled down on his opinion of being one of the worst treat champions in the sport’s history.

“I don’t want to backtrack any statements. Sometimes people say, “Oh, maybe you should clean it up.” But, I mean I don’t want to clean it up, because what I said was actually factual. I’m not going to go into specific instances and situations, but you do the math. Look at the current promo.” Woodley said.

The champion went on to explain that the current promotion is not prominently depicting his striking and grappling. The commentary is biased, in his opinion.

The welterweight champion is set to face Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson in the main event rematch for UFC 209 this Saturday.