UFC Results: Poirier And Miller Kick Off UFC 208 With FOTN Worthy Performance

Dustin Poirier and Jim Miller made their way to the center of the octagon to kick off the main card portion of “UFC 208: Holm vs. De Randamie” in a lightweight bout that fans expected would earn at least one fight-night bonus.

Poirier walked into this fight as a favorite with Miller taking on the role of a heavy underdog. Both men started things out in the middle of the octagon, but it wasn’t long before Miller shot for the first takedown of the night. Poirier stuffed it and pushed Miller up against the fence, hoping to further drain the gas tank of the New Jersey fighter. Poirier connected with an uppercut as he backed off the clinch, but Miller was unphased.

Miller pushed forward with a string of confident combinations, landing his fair share of straight shots. Poirier caught the leg of Miller and dragged him to the mat, but Miller was able to reverse the takedown and take the back of Poirier to threaten a rear naked choke! Poirier spun out of it and the two returned to their feet where they threw bombs until the first horn much to the satisfaction of the crowd.

Poirier pushed a rough pace at the beginning of the second; Miller shot for a takedown and Poirier grabbed a hold of the neck for a choke. Miller escaped danger, but he was still in Poirier’s territory with his back against the fence.

Poirier’s left hand repeatedly cracked Miller on the chin, forcing him to work for a takedown when he wasn’t prepared to shoot for a takedown. Instead, Poirier simply hooked both of Miller’s legs and took him down with ease. Poirier wasn’t able to accomplish anything in Miller’s closed guard, as the fight eventually made its way back standing where the round would end.

The collective leg kicks of Miller eventually paid off, making Poirier to stumble and catch himself from falling twice in the final round. Poirier caught the leg from one of the kicks and dragged Miller right back down to the canvas with another takedown. Miller made it back to his feet with just over a minute remaining only to get taken down again. After the fight wrapped up, Poirier was visited by doctors as he couldn’t make it back up to his feet.

UFC Results: Dustin Poirier def. Jim Miller by way of Majority Decision (28-28, 30-27, 29-28)