Video: Dana White Has Issued The Following Warning To Conor McGregor

On Saturday during his online pay-per-view, Conor McGregor went on the offensive towards the UFC saying he will fight Floyd Mayweather with or without the UFC being involved.

“Everyone’s got to know their place,” McGregor said. “There’s Mayweather Promotions, there’s the UFC, and now the newly formed McGregor Promotions, and we’re all in the mix. So that’s what I’m saying. Nobody is my boss. I know Floyd likes to say Dana (White) is my boss and this and he decides. Hell no. Nobody decides this. If they let people go fight jiu-jitsu tournaments, they can’t stop me going to fight a boxing fight. So obviously it’s smoother to do it all together, but look, everyone’s just got to know their place, and everyone does know their place. Low key, everyone knows their place, so we’ll figure it out.”

After Saturday’s UFC on Fox 23, Dana White conducted a press conference and was asked about the comments made by his lightweight champion. The UFC president didn’t hold back and fired a shot at McGregor.

“When you’re about to go on a pay-per-view (PPV) where you’re charging people five bucks to hear you talk, I’m sure you got to say some pretty crazy shit,” White said. “You know how I feel about Conor, I’ve always showed him nothing but respect, and if he wants to go down that road with us, let me tell you, it will be an epic fall.”

McGregor has yet to respond to White’s comments.