Video: It Finally Happened! Pro Fighter Gets DQ’d For Running Too Much

Last October, at Extreme Fighting Championship 54, a referee stopped a fight after one of the combatants was consistently running from his opponent.

Henry Fadipe was awarded a TKO victory after Bruno Mukulu would not engage him during their welterweight fight.

The referee stopped the fight at the end of the third, and final round, due to inactivity.

EFC is one of the premier regional MMA promotions based out of South Africa. The referee of this fight has given this promotion the prestigious ability to say they actually penalize fighters for inactivity.

While fighters in the UFC, or other bigger promotions, have deducted points for inactivity, no fighter has actually lost by TKO because of it.

After running from his opponent, Mukulu lost his sixth fight in his MMA career. He currently has a record of 4-6.

Fadipe’s MMA record grew to 9-8 following the referee’s stoppage.

Both fighters are veterans of the EFC promotion. Fadipe is also a veteran of the Cage Warrior promotion in Europe. Cage Warriors is most known as the promotion where UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor first became a two-division champion.