White: Chances Of Another CM Punk Coming Into The UFC… “Not Good”

UFC President Dana White.

CM Punk made his long anticipated UFC and MMA debut at UFC 203 in September, losing to Mickey Gall by first-round submission. He signed a UFC contract in Dec. 2014 at UFC 181 without ever fighting in a cage.

Is there a chance we could ever again see someone come in from WWE or the pro wrestling with no fight experience or any type of background to succeed in MMA make their debut in the UFC?

During an interview Friday with USA Today Sports, UFC president Dana White laughed and quickly shot the notion down.

“Not good,” White laughed. When pressed, White went into further detail and there was only one case in where the UFC let that happen.

“I mean, it depends,” White said. “It depends on what they have. CM Punk, I like the guy. He wanted to give it a shot. I gave him a shot. But, the Lesnar thing, was a legit wrestler in high school and college, so it made a lot more sense.”

Sorry, pro wrestling fans. Your favorite pro wrestler like a Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns will never grace the octagon.