Attractive Female Reporter Breaks Her Silence On Evinger’s Flirting Tactics

This isn’t the first time reigning Invicta champion Tonya Evinger has had fun on camera with announcer Laura Sanko. Last May Evinger also planted a big kiss on Sanko following her successful title defense, but it’s all in good fun.

Evinger, who is openly gay, is good friends with Sanko and had this to say when their video in the cage went viral last May.

“So to all my haters out there stirring the pot over my attempt to win ‘moment of the year,’ take a chill pill and relax,” Evinger wrote on Twitter. “Me and Laura are friends and not everyone is as fragile flowers as you guys, some people have a sense of humor. Thanks again Laura Sanko for being such a good sport and helping me win this time around.”