Bigger Foots! “Bigfoot” Silva Has Found Two Training Partners That Tower Over Him

Almost every time Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva stepped into the octagon, he had the advantage in size. Towering over most of his competition at 6’4″, Silva was one of the most feared fighters to step inside the octagon. While he did not possess consistent knockout power, the visual of standing across a fighter like that in the octagon never made for an easy fight.

That’s why when “Bigfoot” posed for the picture he just shared on his social media page, it was surprising to see that he trains alongside two other athletes who are bigger than him! Get a peek at the picture below:

“Great work today with @bigfootsilva @mmegalito954 getting ready and staying ready for all challenges under the watchful eye of @stevebruno23 @jonnysizebrasil @marcelo_falcao @orappa #americantopteam #coconutcreek #florida #campinagrande #paraiba”