Brotherly Love — Nick Diaz Makes Rare Endearing Post About His Younger Brother Nate

Nick and Nate Diaz have trash-talked and fought their way into the hearts of millions of fans across the world, proving that two kids from Stockton, California truly do have what it takes to be amongst the sport’s elite. Neither fighter took shortcuts to get where they are today and while their popularity is at an all-time high, they knew they could always rely on each other to get to the top.

Nick Diaz recently took to his social media page to fire off a post showing some love to his brother Nate, calling him his “running back” which is essentially the quarterback’s right-hand man. Check out the image below:

“#runningback #?”

#runningback #?

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Nate Diaz has not stepped foot inside the octagon since his five round war with Conor McGregor at “UFC 202” last year. His wars with McGregor will go down in history as two of the biggest events UFC would ever run, breaking their own pay-per-view record with “UFC 202” after setting another with “UFC 196”.

Nick is waiting for the perfect moment to make his return and at a time where the welterweight and middleweight division is at such a stand still, a return to the octagon wouldn’t quite make sense.