Chael Sonnen Explains How And Why Tito Cheated Through Phantom Tapping

“The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” made his final MMA appearance at Bellator 170 in a bout against Chael Sonnen. Tito Ortiz would go on to submit Sonnen in the opening round. But, Sonnen has claimed that Ortiz tapped earlier in the match.

In a recent edition of The MMA Hour, Sonnen has decided to elaborate on the contentious fight.

“You got to understand. He yelled, ‘tap.” Sonnen said, claiming that Ortiz verbally tapped during the match.

Sonnen did confront the fact that the fight is not over until the referee acknowledges the tap, but said that there are some codes you don’t break.

“When a guy says stop, it’s one of the only codes we go by. So, I don’t know that I wouldn’t do that again. If a guy says stop, you stop.”

Sonnen went on to point out that Ortiz has a bad neck, making him more cautious for the fighter’s well being during the moment.