Conor McGregor’s Teammate Is Now The Highest Paid Athlete In Bellator

Conor McGregor’s BJJ coach Dillon Danis has signed a contract with Bellator. Without a single professional MMA fight under his belt, Danis claims to be the highest paid fighter in the promotion.

Danis was recently on The MMA Hour, in which he spilled the beans on why he went to Bellator and why they would sign him in the first place.

As transcribed by MMA Fighting, Danis said

“I have a bigger following and a bigger name than anyone on the roster. So at the end of the day I wasn’t surprised. It was the right move for them. You can put any of those bums against me, and they’ll get a rating.”

Those “bums” of mention include Chael Sonnen and Fedor Emelianenko.

As far as why he went to Bellator, Danis explained

“We talked to the UFC, for them it’s just hard to sign anyone who doesn’t have any fights. We were negotiating but Bellator came with money from the beginning. In the future, we’ll see what happens, but it was right this time with Bellator, the money was right, everything was right and they needed a star, you know?”

Doubling down on his star status, Danis made a pretty large claim about the Bellator promotion.

“I’m the highest-paid guy in Bellator now, so that’s all I can say,” Danis said.