Dana White Absolutely Not Interested In NFL Player Asking For A UFC Shot

It would appear that the rocky start to C.M. Punk’s MMA career may have given UFC President Dana White cold feet. He doesn’t seem interested in signing former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy at all.

In a recent interview with TMZ Sports, White was asked if he would sign the player. Hardy has been training for a short time now and has received good vibes from Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, as TMZ Sports claims.

None the less, White responded with “It’s tough. We’ve tried some of these things. They don’t always work out. You got to understand. A lot of these fighters have been training since they were kids. This guy was training to play football. He became great at it, but fighting is a whole another ballgame. I think it seems like a good idea, until you actually get in there and fight.”

Doubling down on his statement, White ended the interview with “He would have to win some serious fights to even get on our radar.”