Finally, The CIA Admits Covering Up JFK Assassination

An article concerning former Director of Central Intelligence John McCone was declassified in 2015, shedding some light on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the CIA’s involvement in the tragedy.

It has been longed believed that Lee Harvey Oswald acted independently, when he assassinated the president. A former U.S. Marine and open Marxist, it was easy to assume that Oswald acted alone. Well, things have changed.

The recently released article shows that McCone was more hands on in his dealings with the Warren Commission than he lead people to believe. The article states that McCone “shared the administration’s interest in avoiding disclosures about covert actions that would circumstantially implicate [the] CIA in conspiracy theories and possibly lead to calls for a tough US response against the perpetrators of the assassination.”

As an interview with Politico, David Slawson, chief staff investigator of the Warren Commission, said “I always assumed McCone must have known, because I always believed that loyalty and discipline in the CIA made any large-scale operation without the consent of the director impossible.” Slawson said. “The world loses interest, because the assassination becomes just a matter of history to more and more people.”

To what extent McCone or other members of the CIA were negatively involved in the Warren Commission investigation is still unclear.