‘Floyd Wants ‘Red Panty Night’ Because He Got Scammed Out Of BIG Money’

The flaming maelstrom of rumors concerning UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather’s potential cross-promotional bout has grown one size larger, as middleweight champion Michael Bisping believes the fight is going to happen. He says Mayweather may be looking to replaced some lost expenses.

On his newest podcast, Believe You Me, Bisping explained that he has come upon some rumors that Mayweather was recently scammed, leading to a real possibility of the boxer meeting McGregor in the ring.

“My bet is that fight will happen. I think it will happen. will it happen in June? I don’t know, that might be a bit too soon. But from what I understand, I was talking to somebody in Las Vegas and I heard that Floyd recently got scammed for a lot of money. The number was very, very big. I don’t think Floyd needs the money, but he wants to replace the money that he got swindled out of, apparently. I’ve heard that from a friend of a friend of a friend.”

With this in mind, UFC President Dana White recently said that the fight is nowhere near scheduled.