Frenchman Who Raped Pet Chicken Will Serve No Jail Time

A Frenchman just caught a break when he received a three month suspended prison sentence for sexually abusing his pet chicken.

The mans daughter caught her 59 year old father in their garage and immediately went and told her mother. His wife decided to follow him for a few days and also ended up catching him in the garage with his pet chicken. She told the court she vomited “when she saw what her husband was doing.” According to the article on the NY Post, the man had his pants around his ankles and was at the point of “stage of extreme excitement.”

On Wednesday the court found the man guilty of “sexually abusing a domesticated animal” citing they had evidence he’d done so on a regular basis. The man was ordered to pay a $940 fine, and chicken was given to a new owner. The man has also been banned from having pets for life.

His attorney also had this to say,“My client is clearly very ashamed about this. He and his wife have now separated.”