GSP Predicts Death Of Fighter Is In The UFC’s Future

Former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges “Rush” St-Pierre is stepping back into the octagon. After a three year hiatus, “Rush” is set to face middleweight champion Michael “The Count” Bisping at a currently undisclosed date.

Making a move to the middleweight division for the fight, St-Pierre has provided some of his opinions on the ways weigh-ins and weight cutting have changed since his departure from the sport.

During a recent episode of the UFC Unfiltered podcast, St-Pierre said

“I’m not a big fan of cutting weight. I always prioritize my health over my performance and, by the way, I believe the new weigh-in in the morning before the fight, I think it’s a bad thing. Because now guys… they see it as an opportunity to cut more weight. So, I think it’s a bad thing. I told Dana when I saw him that I don’t see it as a good thing. I think they have to change it because one day someone will die. One day someone will die and it will affect all of us. It is very bad for your health. Should learn from boxing. Maybe do a weigh-in the month before, do a weigh-in the day before and the day of the fight”