Invicta Results: Ashley Cummins Defeats Ashley Brown in Epic Match-Up

Tonight’s Invicta FC 22 featured an atomweight bout between Amber Brown and Ashley Cummins for its fourth edition to the night’s card.

The Kansas City fight kicked off with both warriors rushing to trade blows. After a few successful shots from each fighter, Brown managed to get Cummins to the mat.

Cummins responded to the takedown with some exceptional ground game. Cummins sunk in a nasty triangle choke, that wore down her opponent for nearly half of the round.

Brown freed herself form the choke, spun her position and began swinging some powerful ground and pound. Both fighters managed to carve a razor thin first round with their skillful ground games.

The second round shot off with a takedown by Cummins. Brown found herself in another choke, but worked her way through the submission attempt. Cummins refuse to let the choke go, as sh thrashed from position to position. Transitioning from side control to full mount and back, Cummins worked any leverage she could find. Eventually letting go of the choke, Cummins rained blows onto Brown from the top position for the final 30 seconds of the round.

With a razor thin first round and a dominant performance from Cummins in the second, much was riding on the final five minutes.

Brown met Cummins in the center of the cage, trading gassed blows with her opponent. Both warriors struggled to keep up the pace in the final round. Cummins continued to stalk Brown, as the two danced around the mat.

Cummins scored a single leg takedown, but was quickly met with an armbar attempt by Brown.

Shaking out of the submission, Cummins managed to take the dominant position on the ground. Snaring the back of her opponent, Cummins sunk in a rear-naked choke in the final 15 seconds of the fight. Brown scrambled from the attempt just moments before the bell.

Following an impressive fight of the night candidate bout between Sunna Davidsdottir and Mallory Martin, Amber Brown and Ashley Cummins managed to up the ante for the night and raise the crowds cheers to another level.

Ashley Cummins def. Amber Brown via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28)